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Food & Wine Pairing: Champagne and Fried Chicken

July 8th, 2016

Continuing (sort of) on a theme we hit upon two weeks ago, let’s talk about pairing wine and chicken. [level-members]

Two weeks ago, we were in grill mode, and talked about different ways to pair wine with grilled chicken. Today, we’ll head inside (for most of us) and talk about pairing with fried chicken rather than grilled.

And instead of talking about the breadth of wine options to consider based on how you’re preparing your bird, let’s talk about Champagne and sparklers more generally.

As the move continues to make sparkling wines more, well, wine-like in the minds of consumers – rather than something to be toasted with at weddings and other celebrations – it’s interesting to explore what it pairs well with. (Beyond wedding cake or caviar.)

One of the things it pairs well with is fried chicken because of its strength as a palate cleanser. Richer versions do a great job of balancing the chicken’s fattiness.

And as great a taste combination as these two are, what’s even more delicious is the high-brow/low-brow combination of perhaps the epitome of wine snobbery and one of the great homespun comfort foods of all time.

Heating up the kitchen with the fryer fighting against the air conditioner or fan might just be better this weekend than melting out by the grill. Stay cool either way!