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Celebrate in Style with Big Bottles

July 20th, 2016

Having recently thrown a party centered on a Methuselah, I can highly recommend Marissa Ross’ approach to buying wine for parties and gatherings. [level-members]

I’ve mentioned in the past few weeks the party we threw a few months ago centered around a 6 liter bottle – a Methuselah. Even setting aside the fact that one of our guests surprised us with oysters and some great Champagne to get the evening started, it was an incredibly fun night.

Which is why this recent Bon Appetit article really struck a chord for me.

Even beer drinkers are more likely to warm up to something a bit out of the ordinary like a magnum.

So start stocking a broader range of large format bottles – I’d stick more with the magnums than with the Methuselahs and their larger siblings – and promote the fun of of these “statement-sized” bottles.

Bonus, as the article points out, is less trash, but the real reason they’re so great is because they make it easier for wine to do what it’s really meant to do: make an evening (or afternoon) with friends or family a fun and memorable time.