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Worth Reading – Wine Fun and Facts for Your Wine Shop Audience

July 21st, 2016

What your wine choice says about you, what drinking wine can do for your gut, what it’s like to drink with Kurt Russell, and more.


The World’s Best Rosés Aren’t Where You’d Expect Them
Unless you’re expecting them in Germany and Austria. Punch offers four examples to help make their case. Read the full piece here.

Drinking with Kurt Russell
I would imagine the only thing more fun than drinking with Kurt Russell would be doing the full research necessary to right a memoir entitled, “American Wino.” Good lad fun can be read about here.

Nutrition Advice That Sounds Too Good to Be True
Diversity – as in, eat dark chocolate and drink red wine if you want to – is better than paleo diets or low-fat diets or vegan regimens. Apparently, there’s something to the idea of “all things in moderation.” At least according to its ability to keep the bacteria in your gut highly diversified. Read the good news here.

Your Wine Choice is Illuminating
And finally, we offer this visual from the folks at NickMom, a Nickelodeon property.