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Worth Sharing – Wine Stories for Your Wine Shop Customers

July 28th, 2016

Is it the wine or the candy? Are there any normal wine lovers out there? Great trips for wine lovers, normal or not. And some seriously geeky wine history. [level-members]

Rosé Gummy Bears
Rosé is so hot right now – still – that it’s hard to say whether it was the wine or the candy – who doesn’t love gummy bears – but something caused these wine-infused gummy bears to sell out in 120 minutes, leaving some 3,400 disappointed people on the waiting list. Read the full article here.

Wine-Loving Nutcases
Matt Kramer wonders whether there are any “normal” wine lovers left. It does seem that there’s an increase in wine geekery going on. (Though, that doesn’t seem like it’s necessarily a bad thing in all ways …) Read the full article here.

Speaking of Wine Geeks
If you’re dying to know the history – and science – of malolactic fermentation, you may just be part of Matt Kramer’s problem. Find out for sure here.

Getaways for Wine Lovers
Normal or not, you may just want to get away without leaving all the wine you love behind. You’ve got options, says Bloomberg Pursuits, for some pretty fascinating wine travel.