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Wine Industry News for August 1, 2016

August 1st, 2016

Vineyard stories from Virginia and Hawaii. Courtroom stories from California.


Virginia’s Wine Crop
The Gazette-Virginian tells us of an increase in wine grape production in 2015 for the Old Dominion state, though the growth doesn’t solve some problems, including some crops lacking in quality. Read the full article here.

Unfair Competition in the Wine Industry
From the other coast we hear of perhaps unfair application of local laws in California to wine-related businesses. This isn’t an issue we’ve read about before so it’s hard to say whether there is another side to this story, but there does seem to be some overreach, at least as the article lays out the facts. Some good info on staying out of the cross-hairs, as well. Get the scoop here.

Maui Wowie: Wine from the 50th State
Talk of struggles to grow interesting grapes that reflect something about the place in which they’re grown makes for an interesting article on Maui’s lone vineyard. Myna birds are a problem most other winemakers probably don’t have to deal with. Read the full article here.