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Wine Industry News for August 8, 2016

August 8th, 2016

Beer is history. Politics and the California wine biz. [level-members]

Beer is History
Settle down, wine lovers. Beer isn’t history as in, it is no more. It’s history as in, it’s something academics want to study. And I’m with Tom Wark on this: “Beer Historian” may just be the best job title ever, particularly when you’re working for the Smithsonian. You can see his take on the situation here.

Politics in California’s Wine Biz
In this, perhaps the most interesting of political seasons in many of lifetimes, it’s interesting to note that the political leanings of those in the California wine industry are even more interesting than the country at large. Perhaps salt-of-the-earth social conservatism can mix with pro-immigration, non-climate denying … (And I’ll rush to say that we’re not taking any stance here – we’re just talking about how unconventional a mix the industry is politically.) See The Gray Report article here. I think you’ll it it fascinating in a non-offensive way,  no matter your political beliefs.