The Grapevine

Walk a Mile In Your Customer’s Shoes

August 9th, 2016

Last week we talked about the importance of creating a consistently excellent customer experience. Let’s take that a step further this week – or even a few steps further – by walking a mile in your customer’s shoes. [level-members]

It seems silly to say, but sometimes we forget how much we know about a topic on which we’re an expert – like our business. Which makes it easy to not realize what your customers, who aren’t as expert as you are, may or may not know.

And part of creating great customer experience is understanding where the customer is coming from. So it’s worth looking at the business from her perspective and thinking about what you know that she doesn’t. (And vice versa.)

Even more importantly, you should be thinking about what motivates your best customers? Do they seek reassurance from you? Knowledge? The answer will differ from person to person, but everyone is motivated by at least one emotion in their buying decisions – rarely is it all about price and only price.

So factor that into your selling style, and into the marketing you do. How you present yourself in your marketing will determine what kinds of customers you attract to your shop and what kind of business you can therefore build. [/level-members]