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The Wine Show, Slovokia, and Poor Etiquette

August 18th, 2016

A find on Hulu, a find on the continent, and stories of bad behavior – definitely material worth sharing. [level-members]

Bad Behavior of the Restaurant Wine List Variety
First, from the Wall Street Journal, we get a story to be filed under “no good deed goes unpunished.” As in, you generously offer to take a client or friend to dinner and they take advantage of the situation by ordering over-the-top wines. Can’t say it’s happened to me, but I certainly wouldn’t be happy about it. You can read the full article here. (On a slightly related note, it’s interesting to discuss what happens when friends share dinner out at a restaurant and among the group there are different economic circumstance or just different levels of interest in wine.)

Slovakian Wine Country
Sticking with news from the big “papers of record” – does such a concept even exist anymore in the Internet world? – we have a piece from the New York Times on the scene that is emerging in Slovakia. If you’re looking for something off-beat and interesting, this may be your spot. Especially since it’s not that big a risk – the Slovakian Tokaj region had once been a part of Hungary, and that country’s Tokaji is widely admired. You can read the full article here.

The Wine Show
We’ll now transition away from the big news organizations, but stay in Eastern Europe. Sort of. Matthew Rhys, a star of the acclaimed drama, The Americans (where he plays a KGB agent embedded in the US – that’s the Eastern European connection …), also stars in a show available on Hulu called The Wine Show. He and Matthew Goode travel the world to dig into the stories behind interesting and notable wines. Sadly, a Hulu subscription is required. Here’s the link for those of you with access: The Wine Show on Hulu.