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Worth Sharing: A Handful of Wine Stories for Your Customers

August 25th, 2016

And you just might find them interesting and amusing, too, since we travel from Italy to South Africa to France and fittingly after all that, an exploration of which wines give you the worst hangovers. [level-members]

All Women, All the Time
From The Guardian in the UK we get this story about an all-female winemaking effort in Italy, a response to the discrimination against women in the industry, at least in that country.

Top Twenty at the Bottom
The bottom of Africa, that is. Then we head down to South Africa for a look at the top twenty producers in that country, at least in Tim James’ estimation. You can read his thoughts here. Written for a South African audience, it’s tough to tell what makes its way to our shores.

The Future(s) Can Wait
Then it’s off to the Wine Enthusiast site for some frank advice about Bordeaux – specifically Bordeaux futures. Frank as in, don’t buy them. Seems that for most wines in most vintages, you can get them cheaper later. I have to say I haven’t found that to be the case, generally, and I’m not talking about wines in the rarefied economic strata that First Growths inhabit. I’d be interested to hear your experiences. In the meantime, see the examples and evidence here.

How Bad’s That Hangover Going to Be?
Depends on what you were drinking the night before. (And how much of course.) But science seems to point to congeners, a nasty little component of wines of all colors but much more prevalent in red than white. In fact, much more prevalent in darker spirits than lighter, too. I say, forget the color, drink what you like, and either be an adult or be prepared to pay the price the next morning. Read the full article here. (Unless the light still hurts your eyes …)