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Wine Industry News for August 29, 2016

August 29th, 2016

Wine in cans, hail in Languedoc, English fizz pretty much everywhere, and new AVAs in California – but they’re not what you think. [level-members]

Wine Doing the Can-Can
What do wine and beer have in common, other than the obvious? Cans are cool. (Cool again, in the case of beer …)

Hail damage in Languedoc
When a 92-year-old says he can’t remember “a hailstorm as violent as this one,” you know you’ve got trouble. Damage reported across nearly every vineyard in the area. Read the full article here.

First France, Now the World
The Brits and their fizzy wine have their eyes on the US market, too. They might need to tamp down consumption at home, though, if they want to export. Seems the local fizzy stuff is also a hit at home.

Kansas Wants to Join the Big Leagues
With an AVA designation all their own. Read the article here.

Speaking of AVA’s, Is That the Champagne of Pot You’re Smoking?
The legalized cannabis industry seems to be taking a page out of the wine business’ book. Smart of them to establish branding right from the start. Read the article here.