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Worth Reading: Wine Gadgets You Don’t Need, Politicians You Don’t Want

September 1st, 2016

This week, we take a look at a wine gadget you probably don’t need, really expensive wine gadgets you don’t need, and a face-to-face political showdown. [level-members]

The Aerator
Mollydooker encourages The Mollydooker Shake, others offer diffusion devices to help a young wine open up as you pour. Now, we have The Aervana. It’s a $100 electric wine aerator. (Actually, $99.98 if you’re scoring at home.) I think there’s something to be said for aerating many wines. Not so much into the idea of wine with a thick, frothy head …

Going Over the Top Underground
If conspicuously consuming $99.98 isn’t enough you can, as this artciles subtitle puts it, spend far more to line your elevator with leather died to match your Aston Martin.

Bloomberg let’s us know the “must-have amenities for luxe wine cellars.” Among them, glass walls and dramatic lighting, comfortable seating, artwork and decor to create a pleasant tasting room, and even moving the cellar, well, out of the cellar.

I wouldn’t mind having a door secured by a fingerprint scanner, though; everyone knows where I hide the key …

Political Showdown
OK, so this isn’t so much a face-to-face political showdown as it is a label-to-label taste-off. Trump vs. Clinton. This would be silly on any level, but it’s even more silly since Clinton Vineyards has nothing to do with the Clinton family. It’s named after the Hudson Valley, NY town that is home to its vineyards. (And I would imagine Trump wines is just a licensing deal with The Donald.) Still, it’s our duty to report that Trump scored an overwhelming victory. Or, as he might put it, it was a “yuuuge” win. See the details here.