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Wine Stories Worth Sharing – September 8, 2016

September 8th, 2016

Is there anything you don’t know about wine. We bet there is and we have a list to prove it. How about technology and wine? No list, but still a couple of stories worth sharing with your wine-loving audience. [level-members]

You’re a wine industry pro; there couldn’t possibly be 20 things you don’t know about wine … but there could still be a few on this list you don’t know. And, besides, the point is to share these fun facts with your social media and email audiences.

Tech and wine? How could we pass it up. It’s actually crowdfunding and wine, but that’ll do for today. The Story of Naked Wines.

But wait, there’s more technology and wine. And the subhead – “tech pioneers are chasing the perfect cab” – is just too great. Is that taxi cab or Cabernet? [/level-members]