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Worth Sharing: Boxed wine, wild vs. tamed yeast, Albariño

September 22nd, 2016

If you haven’t tried boxed wine recently, you don’t know boxed wine. Same (sort of) with Albariño. And not all yeast is alike. [level-members]

Boxed Wine
First, boxed wine got some daytime TV exposure courtesy of Ellen and First Lady Michelle Obama. Politics aside, boxed wine really ain’t what it used to be. And not that we suggest taking wine advice from Bravo TV’s website, but they do list some boxed wines you might consider stocking. Read the full article here.

The New York Times goes a bit further in depth than usual in discussing Albariño. Their advice to not forget context is worth considering for all but the most anodyne of wines … Read the full article here.

Wild Yeast vs. Tame Yeast
The stereotypical wine drinker vs. the stereotypical beer drink would be tame vs. wild, but when it comes to yeast that gets reversed. The yeasts involved in the process of brewing are tame. The yeasts in winemaking are wild. Go figure. Quite an interesting if geeky article about the history of beer making and how wine compares. The Washington Post article is here.