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Wine Industry News – September 26, 2016

September 26th, 2016

You’d think that climate change would have to have a negative impact on the premier winegrowing regions, but that may not be the case. Also, wine is still good for your brain, labeling changes related to alcohol levels, and wine that is truly out of this world [level-members]

France Benefits from Climate Change?
What would be expect from USA Today but a somewhat misleading headline. They’ve had a great year in many of the wine regions of France. Not sure things are really quite so rosy over the longer term.

More Wine is Good for Your Brain
No,  not as in, “the more you drink, the better it is.” As in, here’s another story about wine being good for your brain. It’s from the Independent in the UK.

Accuracy in Labeling
A regulatory change could lead to better wine, or so contends Blake Gray. We agree – and we hope he’s right. Read his post here on The Gray Report site.

Wine That’s Out of This World
You’ve had good wine, you’ve had great wine, you’ve perhaps even had transcendent wine. But have you had wine that is out of this world? You may soon if China has its way. They’ve sent vines into space to try to find root stock that can withstand the country’s rough climate. Read the full article here.