The Grapevine

Making Lists for Wine Shop Marketing

September 28th, 2016

Everybody loves a list. Make one – or more – of your own as part of your marketing work this fall. [level-members]

Lists are so effective, they’ve actually gotten overplayed in the “click bait” world of social media. (And been given an unfortunate title of “listicles.”) That doesn’t mean you can’t do them a bit less breathlessly than, say, the Huffington Post, and more in line with your audience’s intelligence.

Take, for example, this list of must-try wines for the fall from Bloomberg. You can easily create a similar list based on what you’d like to stock this fall, what you know your best customers will already be asking for, and what you think might appeal to a wider audience.

In using lists like this, remember that marketing isn’t always about getting the sale today; it’s also about growing your audience so you get more sales tomorrow. [/level-members]