The Grapevine

Marketing (Affordable) Wine Extravagance

October 12th, 2016

Every once in a while, we come across a wine article on the web that is so silly we can’t resist sharing it. This one, though, contains the kernel of a good marketing idea. [level-members]

Vogue’s recent article, titled “6 Most Extravagant Bottles of Wine Every True Connoisseur Should Own” is silly to the point of hilarity. It’s not just a matter of money. Who has the ability to find, say, a 1928 Margaux? Many of us, even being in the business, would have trouble tracking such a bottle down – at any price.

But from great silliness, the mighty oak grows. Or something like that …

From this great silliness we can create a really interesting marketing idea. You can build it around extravagance if you’d like, though it seems more productive to focus on something less polarizing – and more affordable to more people.

So perhaps you create a monthly wine club focusing on Fundamental Varietals Every Wine Lover Should Experience. Or Exciting Frontiers Every Wine Lover Should Know. Or you can do [insert varietal here]: From ‘Cheap and Cheerful’ to Over the Top.

Or do them all simultaneously. Over the course of a year, you can dive into wines that might not be on everyone’s radar, you have something interesting to talk about in your social media and emails, and you encourage the enthusiasm that makes your good customers stark raving fans.

And if  you’re not into actual wine clubs for some reason, you can at least create a monthly item for your social media, email and website.

Whether you poke fun at the Vogue article or not is up to you. I certainly would …  [/level-members]