The Grapevine

Consistency and Comfort in Marketing

October 26th, 2016

The main supermarket in our town was recently bought out by another group and rebranded. As you’d guess, people aren’t happy. The change of familiar house brands is bad enough. For folks who organize their shopping lists so they match the order of the aisles, it was nearly apocalyptic.

Why? Because we love the familiar. You should keep that in mind for your marketing. [level-members]

That same love of familiarity is at play in our favorite newspapers and magazines, whether we read them on good old-fashioned paper or in their newer digital formats. The same features, columnists, and sections are there for us issue after issue after issue.

If you build your marketing to match that ideal, not only do you create comfort and loyalty with your fans and followers, you make your own life easier. Instead of casting about trying to think of great new ideas every time you go to write a blog post or email newsletter or social media update, you have a plan and a schedule and you stick to it. So perhaps every Thursday is your “best of the least” feature, where you highlight lesser-known, lower-priced wines that you think are worth trying.

Or it’s the travel features we’ve written about in the past, or a community spotlight where you showcase a business or non-profit in your town.

Makes these regular features on a weekly or monthly basis and you’ll build the kind of comfort that will have readers coming back for more and you sighing in relief at the ease