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Wine Stories Worth Sharing – October 27, 2016

October 27th, 2016

What goes into wine pricing, what’s new for California Zinfandel, why does Pinot garner such poetic praise? Can science save us? And are high school football coaches everywhere wrong about second place?


Why Does Wine Cost What it Does?
And why doesn’t it all cost the same? A really sensible breakdown of the costs of production and the marketing factors that go into wine prices from the Star Tribune.

A New Day for California Zin
Will be nice to see more wines with less alcohol and more balance. The Decanter article is here.

The Poetry of Pinot
People do get a little loopy when they really get into Pinot. Eric Asimov balances the nuttiness with more grounded talk in the NY Times’ Wine School.

Science to the Rescue
Glad that we’re finding solutions to what seems to be a huge problem, but concerned that it gives deniers license to say, “See, it was no big deal all along.” The news is from UCDavis.

All That Glitters is Not Gold
Sometimes, silver medal wines are the better choice. The Press Democrat lays out their opinion.  [/level-members]