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Do Fence Me In – Geofencing for Your Wine Shop

November 8th, 2016

Your phone isn’t just magic for you as a consumer. It can be magic for your wine shop, too.[level-members]

Geofencing is a technology that allows you to detect when your customers are near your store and send them messages on their phone. They need to opt in to the service, so this isn’t a technology that will expand your reach, but it can help strengthen your relationships with existing customers.

And you’re not limited to just creating a perimeter around your business. You can get creative and send messages to get your customer’s attention when they might be receptive to wine buying ideas. For example, perhaps you set your geofencing up to message customers when they are at the local farmers market and remind them to visit your food and wine pairing guide.

As advanced as this technology sounds, it’s a relatively affordable way for small retailers to to gain a bit of the wow factor that generally comes much more easily to larger competitors and chain businesses. [/level-members]