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Wine Stories Worth Sharing – Open Wines, The Loire, Last Year’s Predictions

December 1st, 2016

Advice on how to keep open wines fresh longer, a look at the Loire Valley, and a look at predictions for 2016 from this time last year. [level-members]

First, from the Singapore Wine Vault we have advice on keeping that open bottle fresh longer, from recorking to rebottling to my favorite, having a party and polishing the open wine off. The full article is here.

Regular readers know that I’m a sucker for wines of the Loire, so it’s odd that this article has escaped me for the last year and a half. A nice listing of some up-and-coming winemakers in lesser now appellations within the valley. Learn more about what’s happening in the Loire here.

Finally, the only thing more fun than looking back to see how right or wrong we were with our own predictions is looking back to see how right or wrong someone else was. (And let’s be frank: it’s way more fun if they were wrong …) On the Bloomberg Pursuits site, Elin McCoy laid out eight ways the wine world would change in 2016. She wasn’t totally off the mark. English bubbly has indeed gotten a lot of press, though I’m not sure I’d call natural wines “mainstream” yet. And I don’t think that this year’s hot grape was Cab Franc, though I’d be thrilled for that to have been the case.

And who doesn’t love the idea of a wine truck! Read all her predictions here.