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Wine Industry News for 12/5/2016

December 5th, 2016

This week our roundup of wine industry news includes two stories on vineyard workers, more bad news from France, and more sake for readers of the Wine Advocate. [level-members]

Seed vs. Grape
Legalized marijuana may be good or it may be evil, but it’s definitely a problem for vineyard managers who need field workers. Wines & Vines reports on the issues facing growers on both sides in the U.S.

More on Vineyard Workers
Apparently many are afraid of what a Trump presidency might mean for migrant workers. Vinepair has the story.

More Bad News From France
Burgundy’s harvest hit by frost. The Independent has the full article.

Sake on the Menu for Wine Advocate
Sign of a growing popularity? Already quite popular with sushi eaters. Unclear how much wider that popularity might go. The full story is here.