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Wine Industry News for 12/12/16

December 12th, 2016

Climate change benefits Brits, Northern Rhone reds reaping the rewards of a great year, American attitudes at odds worth the experts, and international throw-down: are Londoners more wine-savvy than New Yorkers? [level-members]

New York vs. London
Clearly, most of the world doesn’t care who knows more about wine, Londoners or New Yorkers. They just wish both would get over themselves and their superior attitudes already. Those of us who live or work in one of these great cities know the truth … The New Yorkers have the edge, at least in their own estimation, with more customers in NYC considering themselves informed customers (42%) or wine experts (13%) than their counterparts in London. (29% and 7%, respectively.) Who has the better taste? That’s open for debate. Read all the data points and the full Forbes article here.

Wine Consumers vs. Sommeliers

If you ask a sommelier what’s most important about wine, in order, she’ll probably tell you region, then producer, then grape. For average American wine consumers, it’s almost backwards.

So much for expert advice. Not surprisingly, the top concern of most consumers is price, with brand a close second. Beyond that, I would have to guess that the wine industry’s marketing practices are responsible for the focus on varietal above region. That’s what’s venerated here, and why so many people I run across think of Bordeaux as purely Cabernet. Read the full post here.

Great News for Northern Rhone Reds
Is this vintage from the Northern Rhone set to be the best in the laset 55 years? Jancis Robinson thinks so. Here take is here.

British Wine on the Rise
In volume and quality. Britain’s changing climate could turn it’s formerly sleepy wine industry into a global player. “Higher temperatures could turn areas from England’s Essex to Scotland’s Edinburgh into ideal wine-producing regions, study says.” You’ll need to log in to the WSJ site to read this full article.