The Grapevine

100 Points – It’s Not the Wine, It’s the Experience

December 14th, 2016

100-point wines and Top 100 lists surround us at this time of year, and not just for wine. I won’t deny that they can be a helpful guide for those looking to replenish the stack of books on their bedside tables or to find their must-see movies before the Academy Awards, but there’s really so much more to life – and wine – than that. [level-members]

Craig Camp pointed this out on his blog recently, as he explained why he doesn’t have a Top 100 list. Instead he notes,

I don’t have a top 100 wine list for 2016 because each year there are hundreds of small moments of perfection that together make the year my own. 

Great advice and a great way to talk about wines your customers should try for the holidays or treat themselves to as a gift or make a point of pairing with a particular meal in the new year.

Personalize those lists, make them contingent on shared sensibilities. Sure, shades of gray are looked down upon in a black and white world, but for those who do see the gradations, you’ll have immediate rapport and an enthusiastic customer.

So make Top Ten lists if you must, but make multiple Top Tens and tailor them to various types of customers. Even better. Find 10 of your top customers and create a Top Ten list with each of them. Not only will they be thrilled, but your other top customers will be wondering how they can be tapped for their own lists. And the majority of the rest of your customers will be happy to have the guidance.