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Wine Industry News for December 19, 2016

December 19th, 2016

From Al Gore and climate change to vandals in Italy, a less-stodgy consumer view in the US, and the on-going cork debate, we have surprisingly wide-ranging news from the wine world this week. [level-members]

Al Gore, Climate Change, and Wine
The “former next President” and his impact on one winemaker’s thinking about climate change. From Decanter.

Old-Fashioned Cork or Newfangled Closures – the Debate Continues
I’m sure the debate will end some day. It’s just hard to imagine when. The full article from Forbes.

Wine Shedding Its Stodgy Image?
Do consumers really think  it’s not a luxury good any longer? Great news for the industry if so. Read Gallo’s position here.

Vandalism in Italy
And is organized crime involved in the spilling of half a million dollars worth of white wine? Grub Street gives us the goods.

Coravin Gets Cash
Gadgetry pays, as if that’s any surprise to anyone familiar with silicon valley. What’s an explosive bottle or two? Dr. Vino has coverage. [/level-members]