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The Greatest Wine Gift – Education

December 28th, 2016

The greatest gift of any kind may be education – it is quite possibly the closest thing anyone has to a silver bullet for whatever societal problems are at the top of your list. But it’s also a great gift for wine lovers. [level-members]

Not that wine gadgets are great, even if they are mostly unnecessary and frequently silly, and of course wine itself is tough to beat for the average wine lover, but education comes close.

Sharing your favorite sources of wine knowledge is a great way to connect with and stay close to your best customers. Of course, you have to think about how to tailor what you share with different members of your audience – what’s basic and boring to some will be too much for others to understand. To say nothing of that fact that some people will have no interest in, say, learning more about wines of the Jura.

No doubt you already have sources you love and a sense of which parts of your audience each source will appeal to. If you’re looking for more, this article from Seattle Weekly includes a nice range of podcasts, blogs and even good old-fashioned books.

Not only can this be the gift that keeps on giving, but it brings to mind that old tag line from the Syms clothing stores: “An educated consumer is our best customer.” They can be your best customers, too.