The Grapevine

The Marketing Value in Great Wine Values

January 11th, 2017

Specifically in recommending great wine values. [level-members]

As you search for great things to share with your fans, friends, and followers – and even to talk about with folks who walk into your shop – it’s tough to be the idea of value. Everybody likes “winning” – and it feels like winning when you get to experience something for less than you should. Like drinking a $15 bottle of wine that is as good as a $25 bottle of wine.

Let’s set aside the sheer impossibility of defining in any concrete terms what “good” might mean in that last sentence, or what a $15 or $25 bottle of wine should taste like. That’s a whole other kettle of fish. For our marketing purposes, we want to focus on how people loving the feeling that value gives them.

That feeling will vary from person to person, but will almost certainly be some combination of happiness at getting a great bargain / saving money and pride at being knowledgeable enough to outsmart the system.

You can use this to your advantage by creating a regular feature in your content marketing around great values. Each week, or month, you highlight wines that punch above their weight, focusing either on a region, a varietal, or a particular style. Or even on wines that pair well with a particular dish, though that gets a bit fuzzier.

The goal, as with all of your marketing, is to simultaneously provide valuable information to your audience while highlighting your own expertise.