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Wine Stories Worth Sharing – January 12, 2017

January 12th, 2017

Want to help your wine shop customers order from a wine list like a pro? We can  help. Want to spend an inordinate amount of money on a needlessly complex gadget that takes an annoyingly long time to open a bottle of wine? We’ve got you covered there, too. Great content to share with your wine shop friends, fans, and followers. [level-members]

Order Like a Pro
For those wine shop customers who are nervous about looking foolish when tackling a restaurant wine list, you can offer them this help from the fine folks at Esquire. Pretty basic stuff.

Budget Wines Recommendations From the Ladies
I’m not sure why women’s opeinions might be different from men’s on this subhect, but OK. I’m always game for good recommendations of good-value wines. Read the Marie Claire article here.

Too Many Corks? No Problem
Completely tongue in cheek, I hope, and very funny. Read the full New Yorker article here. I think we should all follow this advice and, “distribute them around the city. My favorite place to leave corks is at my local public-library branch.”

Size Does Matter
At least when it comes to bubbles. Apparently Champagne tastes better when the bubbles are bigger. At least to a point. And yes, it’s true for all sparklers. Read the full story here.

Steampunk Wine Opener
If you question the necessity of any corkscrew more involved than a classic waiter’s friend, you’re really going to hate this. I’d get one, but the $90,000 price tag would really cut into my budget for beard pomade, flannel shirts and skinny jeans. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist the easy hipster joke.)