The Grapevine

Food and Wine Pairing for Football Weekends

January 13th, 2017

Call us crazy, but there’s only one wine that can hold its own with beer when it comes to football weekend. [level-members]

OK, it’s actually more than one wine, but it’s one type of wine: bubbles.

And we know it’s too early to be prepping for the Super Bowl, but the playoffs are on and for some, that means everything else is off the agenda for weekend afternoons.

Since finger foods are the order of the day, and they’re frequently fried and/or spicy, wine is going to have a tough time finding a place at the table. Unless, of course, it’s sparkling wine.

So whether you’re keeping it as simple as popcorn and peanuts (maple-glazed peanuts¬†or sesame-chile popcorn) or going whole hog with more extravagent fare (sliders, perhaps, or sloppy joe dip), make sure you’ve got some bubbly on hand as an alternative to the latest “double IPA.”