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Wine Shop Marketing: Be the Same, But Different

January 18th, 2017

It can be hard to stick to your guns and carve out a unique, defensible niche for yourself and your wine shop. The pressure is constant to just give the people what they want. Here’s a way you may be able to do both. [level-members]

Let’s take, for example, the current rage (which we admit we’re a part of) for sparkling wines. There are lots to choose from, of course, from the classic Champagne to the upstart British bubbles. So even though we’re all in favor of everyone drinking more sparkling wines, it can be hard to rise above the din. Unless …

… you find a different bottle of bubbles. Like, for example, the Franciacorta-based Satén from Italy, which is often referred to as “silky” due to it’s smaller bubbles and lighter fizz. Now, you’ve got something to talk about. And you may even consider putting together bubble samples for customers to compare the differences between different styles of sparklers. (Though given the short shelf-life of open bottles of bubbly, a weekend tasting in the shop may be the better bet.)

You can even build an entire social media and/or email campaign around wines that are a slight twist on the familiar. [/level-members]