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Wine Industry News for January 23, 2017

January 23rd, 2017

Wine and women, Phylloxera, Meritage, and more, including wine bottles designed to fit your mail slot. [level-members]

Given events in the larger world, sexism in the wine┬ábiz is worth talking about, and that’s exactly what this article on Wine Searcher does.

Bad news bugs in Colorado, where Phylloxera has been found in four vineyards over the past 3 months.

Chianti Classico is having a tough go of it, a result of changing market tastes as well as some perhaps poor decision making.

Meritage is even worse off and is being dropped by at least some of the few remaining producers who label their wines that way. Not surprising given the heavy varietal focus of marketing in the US. Read the full article here.

Finally, as if we need more evidence that DTC isn’t going away, Garcon Wines in the UK has commissioned a bottle designed to slip through your letterbox slot. The bottles are longer and flatter than standard 750ml bottles, so they hold the same amount. Much less common to have mail slots here in the US, but it is an undeniably clever idea. See the bottles and read the article here.