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Wine Stories Worth Sharing: The Silly, The Strange, And Some Sexism

January 26th, 2017

Salt and wine: science or silliness? Strange fish stories from Japan, Lambrusco, bad pairings, and barrel tales. [level-members]

From Prima in the UK, we learn (from Nathan Myhrvold, no less) that salt just might be able to rescue that bad bottle you’ve opened.

I don’t have much experience with evil spirits (as in ghosts, not beverage alcohol), so I’ll withhold judgement, but plying fish with wine seems just plain strange. Then again, it’s Japan that’s given us manga and “Hello, Kitty!”

Next, we serve up just a tiny bit of controversy. I’ve certainly had very nice wine and chocolate pairings, but the author of this piece on how bad a pairing wine and chocolate can be makes valid points. Read and decide for yourself.

From the New York Times, Lambrusco is worth rediscovering – and exploring.

Battling sexism all the way to the French Presidential Palace. An interesting read about Virginie Routis, who “decides what wine French Presidents drink.

And finally, just a little more controversy, this time in the form of new oak barrels. Not everyone is going to agree …