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Wine Stories Worth Sharing – Feb 9, 2017

February 9th, 2017

Does wine help you live longer and healthier? What does Scottie Pippen’s hair have to do with wine? Want recommendations for pink bubbles for Valentine’s Day? And are we ready for genetically modified wine?

[level-members]In honor of my grandmother, who died this week at the age of 104 (and 11/12ths!), I share this article about one man’s view of wine’s contribution to his longevity. (Though to be fair, my grandmother wasn’t a wine drinker …)

Scottie Pippen’s hair? I have to admit I haven’t heard that phrase – ever – much less associated with wine. Clearly I need to learn how to talk like a sommelier.

How about a little pink bubbly for Valentine’s Day? You’ll find a few recommendations here.

Natural wines have plenty of detractors and adherents. Here’s an opinion from the UK on why you might want to know what’s in that bottle you’re downing. Read the full article here.

And on a not-unrelated note, the Genetic Literacy Project asks, Are We Ready for Genetically Modified Wine?