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Food & Wine Pairing: To Deny or Embrace Winter Weather

February 10th, 2017

With winter weather having its way with much of the country today, and people just generally being over winter by this point in February, we offer two approaches to dealing with it: embracing or denying. [level-members]

First, denial. If you’d prefer to pretend that none of this is happening, you can give Rueda a try. Paired with a salad and some bread – or even a room temperature quicke or tart – and you’re making your kitchen as summery as it can be given the conditions. Here’s a nice introduction to Rueda which, if you don’t stock, you can make a similar suggestion for the ostriches in your audience.

For those who want to confront reality head on, the New York Times offers an entire section of ideas for what to make to combat the winter blues – and stick to your ribs after a session of shoveling or snowman making. From mac ‘n cheese to beef stew, there’s something for everyone, and you can tailor your wine suggestions to the dishes you’re most interested, to what you’re stocking right now, or even to whichever dish your customers want to make. (If you share the whole article with them.)