The Grapevine

Valentine’s Day Special

February 14th, 2017

On Tuesdays, we normally offer business tips for running your wine shop business. But in honor of Valentine’s Day, we’re going slightly off script. [level-members]

Love Potion
I have to admit that I have no idea where one might procure Schisandra Berries, but if you can come up with them, you’re all set to make a guaranteed love potion. Assuming you can find the much more common ginseng root and, of course, a bottle of red wine, Well and Good has the recipe and backstory here.

Not to worry. You need to let your potion steep for 4 weeks, so the berries are the least of our worries. Still, it’s good for a laugh and since they’re aging scotch in days instead of years, perhaps we can be ready by tonight with our love potion.

Romantic Wines
Much more useful is Food & Wine’s article about which wines are most romantic. Clearly, anything with German on the label is going to be a tough sell. (To be fair, you’re probably no better off with labels showing pickup trucks or hunting dogs …)

Want to find out if your favorite varietal is high on the romance meter? Head on over to the article here.