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Wine Stories Worth Sharing – February 23, 2017

February 23rd, 2017

Reducing the stress of dealing with a restaurant wine list. Are wine labels worthy of the term, “art?” Continued good news from the Jura, not so good news from Jay Z’s Champagne empire. Is value investing in publicly traded wine companies possible? Is value purchasing possible with California wines? [level-members]

If you have customers who break out in a sweat when presented with a wine list, you may want to share this recent New York Times article on how to successfully navigate a restaurant wine list.

Are wine labels an art form? Certainly a lot of thought goes into them, but I’d say that was mostly marketing-focused thought. The South China Morning Post thinks otherwise.

There’s a revival in the Jura. You can read about it here and decide whether it warrants its new-found fans – and whether the region is back for good.

Wine Searcher data says that Jay-Z’s Champagne ain’t what it used to be.

And just in case your shop customers are considering investing in the juice they’ve grown to love, this Bloomberg News article on publicly-traded companies in the wine biz may convince them not to.

Finally, the Wine Curmudgeon asks where all the value has gone in California wine. Not sure, but I’d say it left the building quite some time ago …