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Wine Industry News for February 27, 2017

February 27th, 2017

Grocery shoppers in Arkansas will have to wait for wine, UC Davis won’t have to dump their students’ wine anymore, and it’s not just other wine businesses who are eying your vineyard properties. [level-members]

Grocery Story Wine Sales Will Have to Wait in Arkansas
The State House continues to debate the State Senate bill. Read the full article here.

UC Davis Won’t Dump Student Wine
A new law means that UC Davis can sell the wine its students make. Projected price: up to $100 per bottle. But at least you get to say you knew them when …

Turning Rocks Into Wine
In Washington State, an interesting style of wine is being created.

Cannabis Land Grab
An LCI business – that’s Legalized Cannabis Industry – is in the process of purchasing a former Fetzer property in Mendocino. As if agriculutural land wasn’t expensive enough …