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Is Your Wine Shop Courting Millennials?

February 28th, 2017

Yes, they are the youngest generation of legal drinking age and you’ve probably got very little in common with them, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be doing everything you can to attract them. [level-members]

This is especially true because Millennials, as a generation, seem to have what is frequently thought of as a more European attitude toward wine: it’s not a privilege to have a glass of wine. Wine is a staple in their homes and a part of their regular routines. 

We recently read an interview with Stephanie Gallo in which she talked about the changes Gallo is seeing with this younger generation.

They seem to be as adventurous with their wine as they are with their careers and vacations. They respond well to innovation and technology, and they trust their friends and family to steer them right. (Hence the increasing value of social media – when used wisely – and content marketing rather than traditional advertising.)

Millennials dig rosé to a greater extent than Boomers, though while some may take that as a sign of their above-mentioned adventurousness, it may simply be the long memories have of the bad roseé that was all too common when they were younger.

Even if you aren’t convinced that Millennials are an important part of your marketing, you should consider paying attention to their preferences since, in our youth-obsessed culture, trends tend to trickle up from young to old.