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Wine Industry News – March 13, 2017

March 13th, 2017

Fighting wine counterfeiters, the perception that Pinot makes, the Riesling revolution in New York’s Finger Lakes, and who drinks more wine than we do? [level-members]

First it was Fido. Now we’re microchipping vino. Wine Searcher gives us a look at some high-tech counter-counterfeiting technology.

Pinot and Perception – Forbes tell us how, “Pinot Noir From Around The World Is Changing Wine-Drinking Perceptions.”

I must admit, I’ve never heard the Finger Lakes region of New York referred to as “the FLX,” so perhaps that’s why I didn’t know there was a Riesling revolution underway.

Is Indiana the next Napa Valley? The Louisville Courier-Journal thinks so. Six official wine trails and 87 wineries in the state lend some creedence to their claims.

Who drinks more than we do? If the “we” is the US, and the “more than” is gross numbers rather than per capita, the answer is, “nobody.” Decanter’s article offers this info and more, including insights into Millennials and other wine consumption trends.