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More on Tough Food & Wine Pairings

March 24th, 2017

Based on the response to our posting last week on taking a different approach to food and wine pairing, this week we’ll look at some notoriously tough pairings. [level-members]

We’ll do this with the help of Natasha Hughes’ article on the Tim Atkin website. In that article she covers everything from artichokes to asparagus to spicy foods. Many interesting ideas in the article itself but our main take away is that you should encourage your wine shop customers to try even seemingly impossible pairings. Sure there will be failures – we’ve finally gotten smart enough to stop looking for the perfect red wine to pair with spicy Asian foods – but there will also be some real fun. Like the number of meals with which sparkling wines are an incredibly delicious accompaniment.

Go have fun encouraging your wine shop clients to do the same. (You might even run a social media contest awarding a BOGO offer to the most inventive pairings each month.