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Wine Industry News for May 22, 2017

May 22nd, 2017

Celebrity wines, a shift in focus in New Jersey, labor shortages out west and increased competition from cannabis. [level-members]

Martha Stewart has launched a wine website. She joins a growing list of celebrities with wine and spirits lines.

China leads the emergence of a new world order,” and not just in consumption and not just at the high end.

NJ sparkler makes a splash, though the competition was with other east coast wineries. The Wall Street Journal had reported on a growing “serious” wine push in the Garden State last year. (Subscription required for that second link.)

Wine Searcher and SF Gate both give us stories about increased issues finding good vineyard help – or any vineyard help.

Napa Worker Squeeze Tightens

Growers, farmworkers say immigration raids scaring away labor

Not unrelatedly, the Sacramento Bee tells us that Wine Country Looks More Like Cannabis Country in California.