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Wine Stories Worth Sharing for May 25, 2017

May 25th, 2017

Stories for cash-rich, time-strapped wine lovers, lovers of natural wines, Nebbiolos, and a discussion of oak. [level-members]

Too much cash and not enough time? You need a wine whisperer.

Same wine, different bottle? “Raw” is the new “natural.” I guess Natural Wine has become too controversial. (Though this item is from last fall, so by now, perhaps the pendulum has swing back in the other direction …)

If that whets your whistle, we also have this tasting of natural wines.

Nebbiolo’s Lazarus story – back from near death by hailstorm and pestilence, wines from Alto Piemonte are unsung but worth seeking out.

Your wine whisperer hasn’t relieved you of enough of your spare cash? Clearly you need some of Sonoma’s rarest wines.

And finally, we have winemakers discussing oak and how they use it.