The Grapevine

Wine Etiquette as Wine Shop Marketing

May 31st, 2017

There’s still enough mystery and intimidation built into the wine world that you can create a nice marketing initiative out of providing your customers with the information that makes them more confident wine consumers. [level-members]

Broad categories you might cover could include bringing wine to parties, serving wine at home, and drinking wine in restaurants.

That last category probably has the most possibilities, since people do seem to have the greatest anxiety about being put on the spot with a wine list. Or even just having to decide what everyone is going to be comfortable paying for a bottle.

You don’t have to go into the insane details of what glass you should pour what wines into – we have one “main” set of wine glasses for most of our meals at home, whether we’re pouring white, red, or rosé. Letting people know that it’s OK to build an inventory of barware over time is fine. (Though you can also educate them about what makes different glass shapes popular for different kinds of wines. Just don’t get into a flute vs. coupé argument with an old-timer …) [/level-members]