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Wine Industry News – June 5, 2017

June 5th, 2017

Pesticide problems in Texas, Grape shortages and pen-name problems for Champagne, Italian wine on the Baltic, and 3D printing from an unlikely source.  [level-members]

More natural wine converts in the making? Wine growers in Texas are concerned that a pesticide could hamper their efforts at establishing the area as a bone fide wine region.

Champagne, the region, would seem to have bigger problems than a wine writer using the pen name “Champagne Jayne,” but apparently they weren’t happy with the idea. I’m sure they’re less happy with having not prevailed in court.

Perhaps they should decamp for the Baltic to grow more grapes. Crazier ideas seem to have worked.

Finally, Food & Wine magazine tells us that 3D printing using grape skins is “the future.” Which clashes with Ava’s vision of the future, with grape-less wine.