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Wine Stories Worth Sharing – June 8, 2017

June 8th, 2017

Our weekly roundup of wine stories worth sharing with your social media followers, email subscribers, and even the actual, real live people who walk into your wine shop.

This week, ghost vines in South Africa, restaurant wine etiquette, and Bordeaux among the mop buckets. [level-members]

This story is too good not to share, even though it takes place (to our horror) in a supermarket wine department. I won’t ruin it for you – it’s a quick read.

Ever wonder how sparkling wine came to be? Wonder no more.

A drought in South Africa has led to the re-emergence of “ghost vines”– vineyards that until recently had been submerged.

Punch offers us the opinion that wine isn’t just red, white or pink.

And finally, two from the times on enjoying wine in restaurants:

Time to Select From the Wine List? Relax, Here’s How.

Should Restaurants Offer Guests That First Taste of Wine?