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Food & Wine Pairing: Cru Beaujolais

June 16th, 2017

Hardly a fair headline, given the great variety of styles for cru Beaujolais, but that just means there are lots of good options. [level-members]

One of my favorites is sushi, which works well with lighter cru Beaujolais. (Let’s be clear, though: we’re not talking about Beaujolais Nouveau.)

Steak frite is a great dish for a more full-bodied cru Beaujolais. As is duck breast. I’m a fan of preparing duck with fruit, like cherries.

Stocking a selection of cru Beaujolais is a great idea, especially if you have customers who think only of Nouveau and its slide into mediocrity. Cru will be a real eye-opener for them – and a quick favorite for those without the old baggage.