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Wine Industry News for June 26, 2017

June 26th, 2017

Labor shortages and a sordid story from California wine’s past, hail hits again, beverage alcohol consumption trends worldwide, and more [level-members]

Can a story from the 1850s be considered news? It can if it’s about labor in the wine industry. Rather a shocking story, and one I’ve never heard before. The history of labor in California’s vineyards is not pretty.

Hail hits hard again. And this time not in France.

Interesting data about worldwide beverage alcohol consumption. The US bucks a declining trend. Could it be the state of the state? Some other interesting factoids here, as well.

Interesting story on the rise of blending. Despite its commonplace occurrence elsewhere, Americans drinking American wine wanted a varietal on the label …

Burning vineyard waste in an eco-friendly way. What’s old is new again.