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Wine Stories Worth Sharing: June 29, 2017

June 29th, 2017

A near-death experience in the barrel room, myths of winemaking debunked, wine accessories interesting enough to be worth a few extra clicks, the world’s most wanted rosés, and it may be possible to make wine in space. [level-members]
What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger. Even if it’s a full wine barrel. Scary story with a happy ending about the origins of “Barrelhead Merlot.”

Do great winemaking regions really need big temperature swings day to night? Perhaps not. This and other conventional wisdom of winemaking explored.

I really hate these articles you have to page through – we get that you’re trying to ramp up page views for your advertisers! – but there are some interesting wine accessories featured in this one, so it’s worth clicking through. (Though I did grumble all the way …)

Wine Searcher reveals the world’s most wanted rosés.

And finally, Trekkies rejoice. NASA says we could make wine in space. Probably.