The Grapevine

Food & Wine Pairing: Chimichurri

June 30th, 2017

If your wine shop customers are gearing up for some grill time over the holiday and want an alternative to good old hot dogs and hamburgers, a mixed grill Chimichurri might be the answer they’re looking for. [level-members]

Even better are the accompaniment choices. Though we’ve long been fans of slightly chilled Zinfandel – preferably one with a slightly lower alcohol level – more recently we’ve been pairing our mixed grill Chimichurri with rosé. Here’s one of many Chimichurri recipes out there. Many variations, including a red variety that I’ve never tried.

Wine choice will depend, of course, on what you’re slathering the delicious Argentine sauce on. We tend to do chicken, sausage, and clams. Steak is a popular choice, too, and one that would need something heartier than rosé, of course. [/level-members]