The Grapevine

War Is Not The Answer – Except in Marketing Sometimes It Is

August 2nd, 2017

We recently came across an article telling us that Syrah is better than Cabernet. It’s not, really – though it’s not worse, either – but the headline was certainly attention-getting. [level-members]

You can use the same attention-getting technique to even better effect in your own marketing. The trick is not to stoop to the tiresome level of so many websites and email marketers with their clickbait headlines – 5 Celebrity Scandals You Don’t Know! #2 Will Shock You!!!

Instead, run with the idea that you’re playing with people’s expectations, and make it a bit jokey. Doing this can remove the real challenge people might feel to their egos – of course my favorite red is better than some other red – why would I be drinking it if it wasn’t? Instead, you might get them to open up to a new idea about what is worth drinking or what wines can be paired with what foods.

And that, ultimately, is the goal. If you can provide your wine shop customers with interesting ideas about wine as well as interesting wine, you’ll create loyal customers who are likely to spread the word.