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Food & Wine Pairing: Wine is Food

August 4th, 2017

Rather than thinking about a specific pairing this week, let’s take a look at an approach you can suggest to your wine shop customers for better food and wine pairings. [level-members]

Nothing makes me happier than ideas like this:

“… wine in the classic sense is not a cocktail replacement. It is an integral part of a meal, served at the table, with food.”

That, and only that, can be the difference for wine drinkers seeking to make the jump from just OK to wines that they really enjoy. And without having to break into the kids’ college fund.

That quote is from a recent Eric Asimov article in the New York Times. The article goes well beyond pairing food and wine – and the parallels he draws between the highly-processed foods that are so easy to find in our supermarkets and the highly-processed wines that are equally easy to find are easily as interesting as the wine is food thesis.

Have a look. I’d like to hear your thoughts and whether any of these ideas resonate with the way you stock your shelves and the way you recommend your wines to customers in your shop.